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How to Become a Homestay Family

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Please take the time to acquaint and familiarize yourselves with this section of the website so that you can access the latest news and correspondence regarding Homestay items!

How to Become a Langley District Homestay Family

International_Student_GraduationThank you for your interest in the Langley School District International Homestay Program.

Procedures for becoming a Langley Homestay Family are as follows:
1.  Please fill out a Homestay Application form and either:

  • Email application to or
  • Mail it to: Homestay Department – 4875 – 222nd Street –  Langley BC – V3A 3Z7 04
  • Drop the application off at the SBO, between the hours of 8:30 am & 4:00 pm at: 4875 – 222nd Street, Langley, BC – 3rd Floor International Student Program (front desk).

Homestay Applications are available in the following locations:

A.  Your local High School or Middle School:

The School Board Office (SBO) – 4875 – 222nd Street, Langley BC – Ground Floor Reception or 3rd Floor – International Student Program – Front Desk.

C.  Homestay Application Download: Click Here

2.  Due to the high number of Homestay Applications received, the Homestay Department will contact you when there is a need for Homestay families for International Students in your school catchment area!   A Home Visit will be scheduled with you at this time.

3.  Upon acceptance to the Homestay Program (subsequent to a mandatory Home Visit by a member of the Homestay Department) you and all members of your home, 19 years and older, (tenants, boarders, grandparents in the home, etc.) will be required to undergo a Criminal Record Check (with Vulnerable Sector screening) which will be forwarded to the Langley Homestay Department.  This is a requirement regardless of the occupation of the adults in the home.

4.  Once Criminal Record checks have been received, you will become an “Active” Homestay Family in our system.  You will need to be prepared to accept International Students when they become available in your area.  Criminal Record Checks stay on file for 3 years.  After 3 years, a new Criminal Record Check is required for a Homestay family to remain active in the Homestay Program.

New Homestay Families will be required to attend a Homestay Information session where you will receive all the latest information pertaining to Homestay as well as the opportunity to ask any further questions.