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Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Discovering the World of Creativity


Many students of Langley School District received various awards and recognition at a world-class scale in fine arts education. Langley Fine Arts School is privileged to be only one of two fine arts schools of choice in British Columbia.

ACSS Visual Art student artist statements
“In Art there are many trials and errors but, just like in life, you learn from these mistakes. And you make wiser decisions in the future. All the mistakes you make in art help you learn, so embrace your mistakes and don’t erase.”

Stephanie Fournier

“Imagine a world with no colour, a world with no creativity, where a photo is plain. What a boring world that would be.”

Jacob Olsen

“Art is inspirational; a way to silently and creatively express the mind without speaking a word. A touch of pencil, or a lick of paint is just enough to show emotion through my veins. I do believe that art is expressive and a great way to show any kept-in emotion; such as pain”

Anna Vu

“….Art seems so important to many people. I think that it’s because, through others’ artwork, you can learn new lessons. Also, art allows them to express their feelings and problems in a personal or non-personal way.”

Julie McNeil

“Art to me is like a beautiful rose. It’s quite thorny, but the scent and vibrant colours can’t help but attract………….Looking at art and trying to decode an artist’s message lets me contemplate my own thoughts. It helps me reflect. In short, I like the art of others but not my own.”

Jenny Son

“….you don’t have to be good at art to be able to learn or be touched or spoken to….”

Tappers Nowaslewski

The painting of the red vessel
“I love drawing or painting or any form of art because when I’m really stressed it takes my mind off it all,….”

painted by Megan Viera

“You can express your feelings, thoughts or emotions. I can say that I’m not the best in art, but I wouldn’t get upset if I did a couple of bad pieces because no one is perfect.”