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Focused Determination, Infinite Possibilities

Welcome to Langley School District – International Student Program.
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The Langley School District Highlights:

  • Eight secondary schools (with three French Immersion schools)
  • Strategically located in the centre of the Greater Vancouver Regional District; clean fresh air, safe traditional modern city within an hour of Vancouver’s cultural venues, and minutes from a world-class transportation infrastructure
  • Passionate Staff – Care, respect and effective support for students and families
  • Program Selection – World-class academics, sports and arts curricula
  • Two Canadian Universities and two International Airports in close proximity
  • Access to an award-winning transportation infrastructure (Skytrain, Buses, etc.)

Our International Academic Legacy:

  • We have over 30 Years of Experience
  • We are the Second Longest Running ISP in BC
  • We present the Depth of Veteran Leadership with a Fresh Perspective
  • We honour Traditions, Accelerating Education
  • We change Lives, Pioneer Leadership
  • We are the Birthplace of BC (Fort Langley – 1800’s)

Our Homestay and Support Network Experience:

  • We Welcome You to Come as a Visitor and Leave as a Friend
  • We have Spacious New Homes with Abundant Outdoor Extra-Curricular Year-Round Activities
  • We Provide each Student an Option of Walking, Taking Local Transit or Being Driven to School by Families
  • We are Proud of our Student-Host Family Lifestyle Match System
  • H: Home O: Opportunities M: Matching E: Excellence

Pioneering Student Transitions to Global Citizenship:

  • We offer an Educational Balance with Practical and Experiential Learning
  • We respect a Student’s Educational Need for Self-Paced Growth and Maturity
  • We inspire Talent, Growing Confidence and Supporting a Student’s Personal Best
  • We greet the World, Welcoming New Relationships
  • We Support, Inspire, Mentor … We Champion Success

Diversity of Schools and Diversity of Programs:

  • Fifty percent of Langley Secondary Schools are ranked in the Top 30% in BC
  • We offer International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, Fine Arts Academies, First Nations Studies,Sport Academies, French Immersion and more
  • We provide Semester and Linear Options. Personalizing Plans, Supporting Academic Legacy
  • We have Strategic Alliances with Top Canadian Universities
  • One hundred percent of Langley’s International Student are Accepted to Post-Secondary Institutions

Balanced and Natural Learning Environment:

  • Our Environment offers a Safe, Clean, Pure Live-style in Super-Natural BC
  • Our Community has Fewer Distractions (vs. Urban Life), Less Pollution (Sound, Air, Traffic, Congestion)
  • Our School / Life Balance is Founded on Supporting Families, Contributing to Society
  • All schools offer ISP Coordinators and Educational Support