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DW Poppy Secondary’s new partnership with Gionkita High School

Gionkita High School was founded in 1983.  It is located on a hill that has a good view of the urban area of Hiroshima City. This is Gionkita’s 30th school year. In Japan, some high schools provide technological education such as industrial or agricultural studies. Other schools provide courses in general arts, including math, science, Japanese literature, history, English, etc. Our school belongs to the latter group. Around 10,000 students have graduated from our school as of 2012.

Gionkita School’s slogan is “Compassion, Trust, and Endurance”.  We hold a high regard for motivating students to study and get involved in sport activities. We believe that “a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body,” therefore students are encouraged to study hard while building their bodies. In addition, we teach students to have a global awareness, and make positive contributions to society.

Gionkita1Last November, DW Poppy Secondary School signed a sister school agreement with Gionkita High School from Hiroshima, Japan. Present at this ceremony was the Gionkita Principal Mr. Hamoaka, other delegate representatives from Gionkita School, Mr. Barry Bunyan, (Director of the International Students’ Program in Langley), Mr. Kim Luteijn, (Vice Principal of ISP),  DW Poppy Department Heads, DWP International Students’ Staff and the DW Poppy Administrative Team.

Gionkita2Mr. Moorthy writes, ‘As an official ‘Sister School’, we will see a number of benefits which includes but is not limited to:

1.    An increased appreciation and awareness of our school’s position in our global community.
2.    An appreciation and understanding of Japanese Culture and traditions.
3.    An ongoing development of our school’s extremely successful International Students’ Program.
4.    Mutual cultural exchanges between Japan and Canada.

The development of a ‘Sister School’ partnership is a national initiative in Japan, so we are very excited about this new relationship.”

Mr. Mark Leiper, Mr. Barry Bunyan,  and Mr. Balan Moorthy were in Hiroshima to visit the Gionkita High School.

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