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International Student’s enthusiasm and technical knowledge impresses teachers and peers!

The following story comes from Marcello Moino, Principal of Brookswood Secondary School.

This is a photo of Lawrence, one of our German International Students.  The lab was a“discovery learning” lab where students had to develop procedures on identifying unknowns in Chemistry 11. 

Lawrence asked for a power source to break down the blue solution as he had a feeling it was copper sulfate.  So, Ms. Yun gave him her keys and he went to the Science prep room to find a power source (from the looks of it, it’s about 30 years old!), some wires, and electrodes.  Lawrence separated the electrodes with a rulers and turned on the power….within seconds, pure copper was forming on one of the electrodes.  Ms. Yun was very impressed with his knowledge of electrochemistry and he is only in Grade 11! 

Our Canadian students benefited from this experience as they were stunned by his bold approach.  In reality, he didn’t have to do this, as the point of the lab was to just identify if the solution consisted of an element, compound or mixture but he wanted to see if it was CuSO4.  This was a great learning experience for all students in the class!

We’re proud of the positive impact that international students bring to our schools!

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