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Spreading the word of our amazing International Student Program throughout Asia

EliteOverseasMr. Mark Leiper and Mr. Barry Bunyan are pictured meeting with Mr.
Jeong-Tae Choi, President of the Elite Overseas Education Center in Seoul
Korea. This is one of the oldest student abroad agencies in Seoul and Mr. Choi
expressed great interest in sending elementary and secondary students to Langley. This agency is one of 12 agents visited by Mr. Bunyan and Mr. Leiper in Hong Kong and Seoul in the past few days.



Working at the Canadian Education Exhibition in Seoul Korea. This event is sponsored by one of Langley’s agents FSS Korea. FSS has offices in Hong Kong and Osaka, Japan.

This is the first “unveiling” of the new Langley ISP full colours and logo.



Tokyo1Mr. Mark Leiper and Mr. Barry Bunyan meet with over 30 people from Tokyo Japan in a session organized by one of our partners. Mark and Barry answered questions from the parents and students. Seven of those in attendance will be joining Langley Schools in late March. Also in the crowd were many families considering Langley as the best destination to have their children study abroad. Two students decided to join us in September 2014.

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