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Dawne Tomlinson Received Prime Minister Awards

Won Prime Minister Awards for Teaching Excellence in 1997

 TeacherI teach and coordinate film and television production courses at Brookswood Secondary School in Langley, BC. Often I am asked, “How did you end up doing this?” Let’s just say that life beyond UVic was a journey filled with a variety of intriguing detours where I continued to learn.

I graduated from the elementary education program at UVic in 1986 with concentrations in physical education and music. After a brief career in primary education, I moved to Brookswood and found my niche when I proposed turning an empty metalwork shop into a television studio. Five years later this program has evolved into seven different courses in film and television-a program so successful that it is often difficult for a busy teacher to keep pace.

While reading, writing and math skills are extremely important, other skills are needed in order for young people to secure their future. These life skills are termed “employable skills” by employers. These are the skills that assist people in any career-they cannot be learned in a lecture. Instead, they need to be practised in a hands-on environment.

The four-year film and TV program at Brookswood has the luxury of having the materials needed to provide this type of environment. Students learn how to operate a camera, and how to script and edit their videos. However, if you asked these young people what they have really learned, these skills probably would be listed last. Instead, they would list time management, organization, planning, teamwork and problem solving or perhaps adaptability, flexibility, work ethic, love of learning, support of peers, creativity, high performance standards, professionalism, leadership and responsibility. This program provides an effective learning environment.

source : UVIC

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