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Former Brookswood student hosting campaign for basketball shoes

It was after attending a seminar by motivational speaker Tony Robbins last year that Jamie Jarvis was first inspired to combine his love for basketball, with an initiative to give back to his community.

Beginning with one small act, he took $100 of his own money, and purchased a pair of basketball shoes for a student player at Brookswood Secondary School.

Jarvis, a graduate of Brookswood Secondary himself, reached out to his former coach Jyoti Pawar for help in choosing a student who was “hardworking, dedicated and just loved the game of basketball,” but could not afford the cost of new shoes.

“He chose a kid, we bought him a pair of shoes, and from what I have been told, that small act meant the world to him,” Jarvis wrote online.

Now, he is hoping to help even more students receive new shoes, and has started a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising $2,000…


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Photos and information retrieved from Langley Times

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