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Sun Ho (Eric) Cho

President of the Langley LEO Club, a youth volunteer organization.

Eric_Cho_International_REMSSPresident of the Langley LEO Club, a youth-driven volunteer organization that strives to help the community and the school. Valedictorian of 2013 Graduation Class. Accepted to the UBC Sauder School of Business.

The Langley LEO Club is a school-based service activity club comprised of students from grades 8 through 12 at R.E. Mountain Secondary School and is sponsored by the Langley Lions Club. Their club advisor is Lion David Coppin.

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LEO_Project_Post-it_LangleyR.E. Mountain Secondary student Eric Cho believes everyone needs a little boost from time to time. So late last month, he came up with an idea to spread some happiness in a time when stress and anxiety is at its highest with exams and senior students waiting to find out if they made it into university, he said.
What he came up with inspired an entire school and staff too, said Mountain principal Magdy Ghobrial.

Cho, the school’s Leo Club co-president, called it Project Post-It.

“I was on YouTube one night and I saw this LEO_Project_Post-it_Langley_Sticky video of people posting sticky notes up on random places for strangers.
I was basically inspired by this,” he said.
He gathered fellow members of his Leo club, and the students got to work, hand-writing inspirational and kind quotes and words on sticky notes, like “you are beautiful because you love to smile” or “Note to self: you are awesome.” The volunteer group hand-wrote 1,200 Post-it notes with inspirational and happy words for students, teachers and staff.

The same week as pink shirt day for anti-bullying, the students posted the notes on the lockers of every student in the entire school, as well as for every teacher, principal and staff member. Students arrived to school on the Monday morning of that week to a special note on their locker.

Cho documented the whole experience with an amazing video posted on Youtube.

“Students absolutely loved the project. When I got home from school on that Monday, I checked my Facebook and all the students seemed so happy. I saw comments like “this really brightened up my Monday morning,” or “This was so awesome! I felt so happy when I read my note!”
“At school, I heard students in the hallway say the same things about how awesome it was, wondering who did the project, wanting to keep their Post-it note,” he said. “It was the first time in my high school career where students were actually excited on a Monday morning.”
Teachers were also excited, he said.


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