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Langley Taiko drummers set to make some noise

They are members of the Topham Tora Taiko drummers and will be using their talents to raise money to help others.The school in Walnut Grove is unique, offering Japanese as a second language, and the school population continues to watch the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake in 2011.“Several students in the Grade 6/7 taiko club were in my Grade 3/4 class in when the 2011 earthquake and tsunami affected Northeastern Japan,” Soranaka said.The funds will help Rainbow House which cares for orphans (

The event will also have art work displays created by students at Topham Elementary School that have been inspired the Tohoku people. “We want them to know that we have not forgotten about them and that we are sending them a rainbow of hope,” Soranaka said. Audience members will be invited to sing along during the fundraiser. “Our concert will also feature the singing of the song Hana wa Saku (Flowers Will Bloom), a piece that was commissioned to build public support for the 3/11 disaster recovery efforts,” she said.

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Photos and information retrieved from Langley Advance

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