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International Student Program

Langley_International_Student_ProgramInt’l students are invited to pursue a high school education, with a variety of opportunities to acquire English language skills, to learn about Canadian culture, and to promote cross-cultural understanding and diversity. In addition to their success in required courses, students receive specialized ESL instruction. Many enter the IB Program, and the graduation rate is 100%. The majority attend universities in either Canada or the US.

Choosing the right school for your overseas studies is a big decision,
possibly one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Your success
today will influence your success tomorrow. It is important that you
feel confident and comfortable with your choice of school and community.
Here are some reasons why Langley is the right choice for you:

  • Great location, comfortable climate
  • Safe community, friendly people, excellent recreation facilities
  • Mainly native English-speaking population = many opportunities to speak English
  • Diverse choice of schools, diverse choice of programs
  • Full range of academic and elective courses
  • Comprehensive support for International Students
  • English-language instruction provided at all schools
  • Proven pathway to postsecondary institutions and opportunities

Langley offers a unique combination of the above features.
Let us help you reach your full academic potential, and attain your
future goals.


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