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Scott Mathieson, Langley’s Professional Baseball Player

Past grad from Langley School District, Scott Mathieson, was interviewed by We Should Be GMs and asked about his youth in Greater Vancouver, BC.

How was it growing up in Canada?
Canada is a great country. I grew up in Aldergrove BC, which is about 45 minutes from Vancouver, which is above Seattle. Aldergrove is a smaller town where you pretty much know everyone and no one locks their doors. I believe growing up in a small community like this really helped me become who I am today. I played hockey and baseball and every other sport I had time for, as well as being an avid skier. I gave up hockey for baseball when I was 15. We didn’t have high school baseball. We did have the BCPLB, which is the best baseball league in Canada and many kids from the rest of Canada come to play in this league. I played for the Langley Blaze, which is by far the best team in the league and in Canada. They have had more kids get drafted than any other team has ever had in Canada ( From there I played for team Canada and then was drafted in the 17th round by the Phillies.

Source: We Should Be GMs

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