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Student Support

Student Care and Support

Studying abroad is a challenge. Students have many adjustments to make as they settle into a new country, a new language, a new city, a new school and a new family. Teaching styles, curriculum, routines may all be different. Through our many years of experience we have learned that the more support students have the more likely they are to succeed.

International Student Program Coordinator

Each school has an International Student Program (ISP) Coordinator whose job is to make sure that students are comfortable and succeeding in all aspects of their studying experience.

We provide an orientation at the start of the year to explain what the year ahead will be like, what challenges they are likely to encounter, and where and how to get help. Upon arrival students must report to the School Board Office to sign up for Medical Insurance.

Throughout the year, ISP Coordinators monitor and provide continuous assistance with academic, social and homestay issues. Staff also help with the study permit renewal process, and communicate to parents and agents on an ongoing basis. Agents and parents are welcome to contact them directly at any time to ask for updates on their children’s progress.

Medical Insurance

The International Student Program (ISP) helps international students apply for both private medical insurance and the British Columbia Medical Service Plan (MSP). Because there is a three-month waiting period before MSP coverage begins, students will be covered by private insurance (StudentGuard Insurance Company) until MSP coverage takes effect.

For detailed information on medical coverage and policy, please check:

Private Medical Insurance
Student Guard
(Please go to “Policy” and select “Regular Policy” to view the policy in different languages)
BC Medical Service Plan (MSP)
(Please click on the “BC Residents” on the left side column and then click on the “Medical and Health Care Benefit”)