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WGSS – What does the Fox Say?

WGSS – What does the Fox Say

Walnut Grove Secondary School staff may have a hit on their hands.

A parody of the popular Internet video The Fox (What does the fox say?) featuring several school teachers had almost 3,000 YouTube views less than a day on the video-sharing site, and now has over 16,000.

For the past four years, staff have been involved in making a video for the school’s year-end assembly, said video and graphic design teacher Ryan Radford, who spearheaded the project with teacher Jon Fast.

On Friday, students, including almost 100 alumni, waited in anticipation as the WGSS gym went dark. When they heard the first distinctive strains of the electronic dance song by Ylvis, the crowd erupted into screams.

“It was incredible,” said Radford.

The song features gym teachers saying “push up,” math teachers saying “add” and language teachers saying “je n’sais pas.”

Radford and Fast rewrote the song from the viral video, which was then sung by vice-principal Paul Trattle. The school’s band teacher, Shane Fawkes, whose last name was used to full advantage, put together the music. Dozens of teachers participated in the filming, and Radford spent about 50 hours putting everything together.

The staff also performed a choreographed dance to the song at the Christmas assembly.

Principal George Kozlovic said WGSS is a large school with about 1,800 students, but events like the assembly help to make it feel like a small school.

“The staff are pretty tight and this event has really helped to enhance that,” he said.

Students responded to the video on social media as well, tweeting the link with comments like “Seriously the best school in the world,” “I love my school,” and “I would become a teacher just to be able to do things like this. Love WGSS!”

Article: The Province – Glenda Luymes